The «Property Nissis» offers unique advantages to the enterprises and organisations that are interested in holding professional events.

Spaces: In the abundant external and internal spaces of the «Property Nissis» many individuals can be entertained, in total. The area of 20.000 square meters and the various outdoor and roofed premises make the «Property Nissis» ideal for holding large events like exhibitions, congresses, conferences, cocktails, etc.

In the unique environment of the swimming pool, events can be served in a rotunda provision. The natural environment and the possibilities that the large swimming-pool offers, create the best conditions for presentations of new products and services as well as for holding events like celebrations of anniversaries, corporate receptions, cocktails, business lunches and dinners, etc.

The warm and friendly space of the Amphitheatre, with its natural stone and waterfall, could entertain all kind of corporate events that do not require an internal room and concern up to a few hundreds individuals could be held at the Amphitheatre. This space can also be used in combination with other spaces; for example a conference, a meeting or other events could be held in the "NAUTIKI" followed by lunch or dinner in the Amphitheatre.

The "NAUTIKI" gives a tone of discreet luxury in every corporate event like conferences, meetings, New Year's events etc.

The "MEGISTI" at the same time, it can accommodate for all type of optical equipment and settings, with its relatively high ceilings and special dark cloth to keep the light out.

A complete form of event organising The premises of the «Property Nissis» are equipped with a modern and fully fitted kitchen where all dishes are prepared with meticulous abidance to the rules of hygiene and cleanness. The «Nissis» offers you solutions for every need of your event like the make up of the settings, audiovisual equipment, special effects and fireworks, dance floor, flower decoration, etc. Finally, the company has privately-owned means of transport for the carriage of the dishes or for anything else required.

Personal care and professional stance: The spaces and the infrastructure put aside, there is a factor that shapes what we call quality service, the human factor. We deal with each of our customers individually, with professional consciousness, and we pay great attention to the detail. Our employees have extensive previous experience on the area and have an understanding of the impact of their contribution to the success of the event. We are absolutely reliable as far as meeting the deadlines is concerned. Finally, we are in a constant process of reforming and renewing our premises, our equipment, and our gustatory proposals for we know that "good" is not good enough, insofar something better could always be achieved.

Easy access: The location of the «Property Nissis», on the 16th km of the National Road of Athens- Lamia, at the interchange of N. Kifissia, as well as its connection with main highways like the Attica Road, facilitates the comfortable and fast access both from Athens and Lamia. A large parking space within our premises is at the disposal of the event organizers and their guests.